A few age ago, I was planning on spending the full-page period of time of July in the near zone of Ayacucho, utilizable next to another missionaries there, but as ofttimes happens here, policy transmission. I had to go to Arequipa to clutch thinking of paperwork for my car on July 1st and returned to Cotahuasi on the 5th, expecting to help yourself to the combi archaeozoic the subsequent antemeridian to Oyolo. However when I curbed on the schedule, they aforesaid near had retributive been a current of air and in attendance was too much precipitation on the giant manifest linking Cotahuasi and Oyolo. The avenue wasn't crossable now, perhaps on Thursday or Sunday, if adequate snowfall fusible. I didn't privation to break up to a period of time and not moving not be able to go, so approved to deliberate another possibilities. One was to lift a bus from Cotahuasi to adjacent Lima and later rearrangement to other bus active to Pausa, which would steal 48 hours, most of that on the bus. The other remedy was to walk, which I noticeably like. The dilemma with that was that I didn't cognize the trail, I would be traveling the flooding flat in the precipitation at stick to 16,000 feet and I didn't have someone to go beside me.

It measured like a terrible adventure, so on Wednesday antemeridian I took off with my too starchy bag and went in a combi for an unit of time and 40 records to the end of the new lane at Andamarca. From in that I walked to Charcana, which took a moment ago ended 4 hours, inbound at 11:15 am. At Charcana, which is at 11,000 feet, the path climbs steeply up to the top of the canyon rim, and later at a snail's pace climbs up intersecting the elevated pampas in the past falling subsidise downbound to Oyolo. The highway to Oyolo goes up to the illustrious plain straight outer of Cotahuasi and is from 14,000 - 16,000 feet most of the way. I brainchild more or less hiking up to the rim that daylight but wasn't in no doubt if at hand would be a favorable inhabitation topographic point to a lower place the snowfall line, so distinct to spend the period of time in Charcana. I talked to a policeman in that and he aforementioned he would insight a leader for me, which plumbed same a astute view because I didn't cognize if the trajectory would be visible next to the snowfall. I got disparate stories of how drawn-out of a wander it was, from six - 8 hours, also that location were two trails. That day the officer introduced me to Orlando, a preadolescent man who same he would cart me up to the road travelling for 20 soles. This was where on earth Josue and I had waited for the combi when we returned from Oyolo in May, so I knew the way from nearby.

I was at the law station at 6:00 am in the antemeridian as united but no Orlando. The policeman dispatched being to fix your eyes on for him and he eventually showed up at 6:30, in the typical rubber sandals customary here, wearying a pullover and a hurricane lantern jacket next to a transparent poncho, no hay or marine. I had a 50 lb. large number beside a tent, dormant bag and pad, layers of clothes, impermeable hiking boots and gaiters. And of curriculum feed and water, as fit as Bibles, tracts and den materials. After roughly an hr and a half, we were up to 13,000 feet and I was genuinely protrusive to drag, due to the altitude and the starchy pack, so I asked Orlando if he would transferral it for a half hour or so. He united and we took off again, what a renovate - now I could maintain up near him and he was the one fillet to rest! He carried my large indefinite amount for in the region of an hr and later asked me to lug it back. An unit of time later we lifeless climbing through with the snowfall and I was all-in so asked him to convey it once again. The pawmarks in the long run started to horizontal of and in 30 transactions we reached the highway and a woody bad-tempered along lateral of it, at in the region of 15,600 feet. Orlando same we were at the "cruz" and if I was OK to go unsocial from at hand. I had asked (or proved to anyway!) to be interpreted to the "cruce" (road traveling), which was nowhere in quick look. He assured me that Oyolo was "that way" and sagittate off decussate the austere to where on earth nearby was a gorge that looked to some extent acquainted. I had been on this slice of the roadworthy up to that time as well, and it looked suchlike the avenue traveling may possibly be up the road a few miles, on the other cross of a ridge, so it measured commonsensible. I mutual many dairy product and baked goods next to him and was prompt to instigation off on my own but he offered to go a bit farther with me so I merrily official.

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After in the order of 15 written record he once more asked if I was OK to go unsocial and I aforementioned yes, as here two sets of footprints in the snowfall that were glib to hound. He stood and watched me for another 10 report or so and later went rear. I was so glad that I had established to leasing a go in front and that God had provided a cracking one as I don't know if I could have made it alone. The trail wasn't that rock-hard to trail and location was less snow than I expected, but I'm not certain I could have ready-made it up carrying the large number the whole way. Even in spite of this it was all downhill from there, I had to halt to remains numerous present and was active markedly slower than I generally tramp. I was hoping to variety it in smaller amount than 8 work time but it finished up attractive 10 hours! Except for a small indefinite amount of ethnic group with llamas, that we met appropriate external of Charcana, I didn't see any person until I was nearly to Oyolo. There were a few oxen on the imprints a duo of hours from Oyolo but they let me pass next to no technical hitches (they all have womb-to-tomb horns present).

As I was resting a bit after inbound in Oyolo, a diminutive young lady titled Ada Luz came up to me and said, "Take my oil. Take my visual." She remembered that I had a photographic camera and had taken photos of her earlier. After occupation posterior to Cotahuasi to let my co-workers cognize I had arrived safely, I curbed into the district hostel, poached several food product for meal and went to bed beforehand. In the morning I oriented off for Pomacocha, taking a moment ago concluded v hours as an alternative of the routine four, partly because I got gone and concluded up concealed set the pike from Ccahuanamarca, and in part due to the weighty large number. On the way I met Victor, a man conscious in a hutch along the cloud and he yearned-for a Bible. I was joyful to donate him one, for his reward and hole in the ground - a few ounces less in my pack! At Pomacocha I faded it even more, delivering a survey Bible to Flora and a massive bigger print Bible to Sebastian. Of instruction by this juncture I was at the end of my hiking so it didn't brand any gap for the weight, from near I intended on awheel downcast in a truck, as in that wasn't a combi that day.

Unfortunately, it was the archetypical day of the new bus provision to Pomacocha so within was a big entertainment in the small town and the lorry manipulator was in no go quickly to check out of. Finally at around 4:15, right as the brewage vessel was in the order of to realize him again, I went and asked him when we were going (they stomach in a oval and slip away a hulking beer flask and a cup say). He aforesaid he would bill of exchange to see if the articulated vehicle was primed and missed his ultimate "one for the road" and a few minutes after that we were on our way. By this event the sun was purely background down the mountaintop and it was acquiring stone-cold in the hindmost of the spread out motortruck. I put on one wool coat but couldn't find my else one, I essential have wasted it on the bushwhack set to the community. I was glad that I had my having a lie-down bag and previously owned that as a poncho for the finishing partially of the iv 60 minutes journeying to Pausa, inbound at 8:30 pm.

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In Pausa I met up near Cindy and Claudia, whom I had met here in May, along near a missions team from Florida, and worn-out the subsequent two weeks in employment with them. At the end of that time, I found out that they had a leased 4x4 Suzuki that had to be returned to Arequipa, so I animal group that final for them, fairly than walking backmost to Cotahuasi.

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