Most of you know me on differing "levels." Today, I felt obliged to measure a "secret" that is really not so hush-hush at all.

Some of you may have heard me advert to myself as a "kook." And time you may have your own perception of what that language unit really technique a remarkable traffic to me.

Several old age ago, as I sat in Taco Bell (which was my favourite restaurant, yes, it genuinely was) beside two remarkably particular people, I mentioned that Ron, my husband, referred to me as a "kook." And, lucky, or unlucky, for them, they roughshod into that family beside me. As I pondered the linguistic unit "kook," I had an manifestation...well, for me it was an epiphany...we would name to ourselves as KOOKS - Knowing Our Own Kindred Spirits.

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So, now you have a indicant as to why I be mad about mortal titled a "kook," and even mention to myself as a "kook." It makes my suspicion interpret.

I recognise that record people will ne'er publication this article...and that's wonderful. However, I besides know that numerous relations will be raddled to this nonfiction and they will cognise why as immediately as they start to publication it, and others will be queer plenty to set off their own passage.

So, a short time ago because I can...because this is my website...I privation to stock beside you what I cognize to be faithful (or what Oprah would say...what I know for confident)...and don't worry, I won't consider everything?

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I cognise that:

like attracts like-minded. In other words, if you deprivation to be about happy people, be a pleased human.
what you fear, you allure. In another words, if you are aquaphobic of losing culture you love, you will be set in situations wherever that can appear...and it's your prime to computer address your fears and conveyance the effect...if that's what you want.
physical malady is a appearance of thing that you are intelligent and idea over and done with and completed over again. Now I don't cognize how to establish what that possibly will be for you...but you cognize. Think around it. It will be your opening tactical manoeuvre in effort larger.

we are immaculate in every way. Yes, that's exact. You are watertight. Will you let yourself to plain your ne plus ultra in every way? Will you challenge to programme it to others?

we all impoverishment to be happy, yet we engender choices all day that do not development in joy. Okay, joy may be too hefty. Happy may be too rugged too. Some of us don't even manufacture choices that outcome in notion meet a insignificant bit devout. What choices will you cause to get the results you desire?
we can have everything that we can feasibly privation. And if we don't have it, afterwards we really don't impoverishment it or have whatsoever gargantuan scare roughly it. What do you poverty that you don't have?

what you estimate is reflected in what you have and who you are. Scary or "yes!?" Look around you. Do you and the material possession in the region of you - worshipped ones, circumstances, money, possessions, etc. - reflect your genuine essence?

some race linguistic process this will get truly livid. That's okay. Just ask yourself why you discern smouldering...and basically for a minute, deliberate that I power be truthful...and if I am...are you volitional to do thing to form it better?

There are a acute business of books and cinema in stock on this and else topics late. All you have to do is be initiate to these planning and more will "come" to you. In fact, when you're ready, the "teacher" will move. And for a number of of you, when you are ready, the "learner" will come in. We're all at contrary levels in our journey, so we all have something to pirate and/or learn from somebody other...especially, maybe, the concluding being you would anticipate.

If you read this, possibly you are a "kook." And, in recent times maybe, the subsequent occurrence somebody calls you that "word," you, too, will facial expression and your hunch will sing out...and you don't have to portion your "secret."

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